How To: Print Repair Articles | Print Figures | Print Technical Service Bulletin and Recall Information | Print Maintenance/Fluids Information


Printing Repair Articles

eAutoRepair utilizes the printing options available in your browser with a handy Printable Version function which allows you to choose which article Headings/Subheadings, Figures, and/or Tables to print.

To Print a Selection of Sections, Figures, and/or Tables:

1. In the Article screen, choose the Print or Headings link. You are taken to the Table of Contents.

2. Click checkboxes of the Headings/Subheadings, Figures, and/or Tables you want to print.

3. Click the Include Graphics checkbox if you desire to print the graphics referenced in the selected article text. Deselect the checkbox if you want to print text only.

4. Click Printable Version.

A preview of your print selection displays on the screen.

Review your print job, using your scrollbars to review the entire document. If you are satisfied with the print job, proceed to Step 5. If you are not satisfied with the Print job, click the Back to Article link and repeat steps 1-4, correcting your selections.

5. Choose File/Print from the Menu bar to send your selection to the printer.

Figure Printing

Figures initially display in a print-ready mode in eAutoRepair. The figure is formatted so the entire figure prints on a single page. Zooming in on the figure expands it beyond a single page. You may then print the figure on multiple sheets. As with Repair Articles, you print the figure using your browser printing options.

Printing Technical Service Bulletin and Recall Information

Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls may be printed along with all tables and graphics by clicking the Printable Version button.

To Print a Technical Service Bulletin or Recall Article:

1. Open a Technical Service Bulletin or Recall article.

2. Click the Printable Version button. A print preview for the article is displayed with figures (if there are figures on that article).

3. Choose File/Print from the Browser.

4. Once you have finished printing, use the Back to Article link to return to the TSB or Recall article.

Printing Maintenance and Fluids Information

To Print Maintenance Information:

1. Open Maintenance Interval information for a vehicle.

2. Choose File/Print from the Browser menu.

To Print Fluids Information:

1. Open Fluids information for a vehicle.

2. Choose File/Print from the Browser menu.



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