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Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

Once you have selected a vehicle, choose the Technical Service Bulletin icon to begin your search for Technical Service Bulletins in eAutoRepair. You then pick a Technical Service Bulletin category.

The Choose Technical Service Bulletin Filters screen initially lists all Technical Service Bulletin titles for the selected category.

Click on a Technical Service Bulletin title to open the desired Technical Service Bulletin article.

You can choose TSB Filters and then click the Apply Filter button to filter your search to just the selected Systems, Symptoms, and Content Type.

Viewing All Technical Service Bulletin Titles

Click the All TSBs for Vehicle link to display all Technical Service Bulletin titles for the selected vehicle. Choose the Show All TSBs for Category link to show all Technical Service Bulletins for the selected Category for the selected Vehicle.

Then click on the Technical Service Bulletin title you'd like to view. The Technical Service Bulletin article displays in the viewing area of your browser window. Technical Service Bulletin articles are displayed the same as other repair articles and may include figures and hyperlinks to related articles.


You may also view all Recalls for a Vehicle from the Choose TSB Category screen.

To View all Recalls for a Vehicle:

1. Click the Technical Service Bulletin link (or button) to open the Choose TSB Category screen.

2. Click Recalls from the "Lists" Section at the top of the page.

3. A list of available Recall Articles displays. Click on the Recall Article you'd like to view.


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