The Worksheet feature in eAutoRepair allows you to build a listing of parts and labor items. When you click the Add button in Estimator or Maintenance, you are taken to the Worksheet screen with the selected items added.

Generating a Worksheet

A new Worksheet is automatically started every time you pick a new vehicle or change your vehicle selection in eAutoRepair. Parts and Labor items are added to your Worksheet when you select them in the Estimator, Maintenance, and Fluid Capacity screens. You add items to the Worksheet by clicking on their check boxes and clicking the Add button. You are taken to the Worksheet and your components are added.

To create a Worksheet in eAutoRepair:

1. Pick a vehicle in the Vehicle Screen. The act of selecting a vehicle starts a new Worksheet.

2. Choose Parts and Labor items in the Estimator panel. Add Maintenance items, if necessary.

3. Click the Add button. The Worksheet panel displays.

Worksheet Components are displayed under the sections: Labor Hours, OEM Parts Prices, Fluid Specifications and Maintenance Details. Totals display at the bottom of each section. You can Delete or Copy an item by choosing the appropriate checkbox and then clicking Update. Click the Printable Version button to open a printer-friendly version for printing.


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